Thank you all

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Thank you all

Postby Bob Balcombe » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:47 pm

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and help. Awhile back I was perplexed when I could not log on to, the How To site after up grading to the new board. I knew it was the sites fault, I do not make mistakes!!! Guess what it was me or my computer, I haven't decided an well not accept blame LOL For some reason I was not able to down load PDF files and it was only on this site. I thought I had up graded my PDF. Any way thanks to my loving wife who is a computer nerd. She fixed the problem. At 5 am she woke me up saying she fixed my !@@#%$^%&^&*((.PDF problem. When I up graded I did something wrong. So she clear it out and reinstalled. Thanks for all your suggestion and help. Kerry H can tell you any time I touch a key board with a new program I always screw it up. Thank you again for putting up with me. 8-)

Good Wraps Bob

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