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Custom Rod Builders Guild Forum - Registration

Postby Forum_Admin » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:38 pm

From the registration agreement

When registering use YOUR NAME for "USER NAME".

ONLY ACTUAL NAMES MAY BE USED. Example, if your name is John Q. Doe, use John Doe or J.Q. Doe, if that is what you normally use. NOT John, JQdoe, jqdoe, doe, jd, jqd, doeboy, big john or JQD549@email etc.

If the account is not done in this way it will not be activated.

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Re: Custom Rod Builders Guild Forum - Registration

Postby Harold T Durham » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:24 pm

INFORMATION AND RULES - PLEASE READ: The official Forum page of the Custom Rod Builders Guild and the Rod Crafters Journal. TO BECOME A GUILD MEMBER, or for more information, please visit the Guild's website at

A place for members of the CRBG, prospective members, and fellow builders to share ideas, and further the cause of rod building, education and social interaction. This is NOT a place for attacks, flaming, intimidation and any and all personal grievances with member of this page or vendors who support the CRBG. We reserve the right to remove any material we find offensive or detrimental to the positive and supporting environment we strive to create, along with the individuals who post it. Thank you all for your support of the CRBG and the Rod Crafters Journal.

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